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Grateful Dead - Barbed Wire Whipping Party

This “song” was recorded in October 1968 during the Aoxomoxoa sessions. Even with all of the rarities dug up and put out in the years since Jerry Garcia died, it has still never been officially released due to the continuing, strenuous objections of lyricist Robert Hunter who’s voice tells the main tale above all the “Meat, meat, gimme my meat” and other weirdness.

The barbed wire whipping party in the razor blade forest
Sweet live meat, my fangs could unravel you
Back, hand, whip, lash, [eskers], sange froid, leather picnic
Duty, cold blood, barbed wire, naked on the table, laughing
Feet stained wine and eyes smoking
No is permitted
There’s more freedom than you could choke down in ten thousand years

The other day I went to Mars and talked to God
And he told me to tell you to hang tight and don’t worry
The solution to everything is death
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