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Are You Unknown?

Howdy, folks! KoHoSo here talking right at you on this page about a very important subject…post credits!

I try very hard to document the source of all the material I post and go out of my way to give proper credit. However, like all human beings, I can forget or make a mistake. I can also be misled by finding something on a site that takes credit for itself when that is not true. I also have a lot of items I saved long before Tumblr came along and ever dreamed I was saving such things for any reason other than my own amusement.

If I have posted something that you have scanned or created or just recognize it from a site you know, I honestly do want to make sure the proper person and/or website not only receives credit but gets a link back to where the material currently resides. All you have to do is send a nice little message to my e-mail address listed below along with the direct link to the page where the original material resides so I can see proof of its ownership and have it to make the proper corrections in my own post.

KoHoSo's E-mail Address

I just want to add this here at the end…I think it’s pretty sad that some of the most popular retro/vintage/travel-themed blogs on Tumblr are notorious for taking material from others without giving even the most minimal amount of credit. I don’t believe that is right especially when Tumblr makes it so obvious and easy to paste in links for the content source and a click-through. Always know that, whether I have a hundred followers or over 9000, I will always choose integrity over convenience and selfishness.